I am a problem solver.

When I see a problem, I always believe there’s a viable solution. Belief is very important. Without the belief that you can find a solution, your mind shuts down and can never see an answer. With belief, however,  the subconscious jumps to action.

Secondly, when people show me what they think the problem is, I, often have an open minded approach, and a different opinion to help discern the actual problem. That’s vital – spotting the real problem.

Most people get lost in the foliage and mistake the branches for the problem. They fail to strike at the roots.

Thirdly, although I rely heavily on intuition, I always seek data to drive me to the solution. Data is vital. But one must be able to grapple with data. One must be able to perceive which data is causing what effects, and then follow the knotted threads to the end before beginning to unravel them.

I’m gifted by God to be able to deal with massive and intricate concepts and frameworks. I can trace and track shifting patterns with my mind, so that I neither miss the wood nor the trees. The ability to perceive granularly as well as see the big picture is essential while tackling large problems, such as for smart cities, governance improvements, infrastructure projects or e-commerce.

I look forward to challenging assignments from clients facing massive challenges in business growth, scalability, monetisation, marketing, and so on.

People Skills

I have been gifted with a very high EQ. I suspect my IQ is slightly above average but my EQ is extremely high. There have been occasions when I have intuitively grasped exactly how a person is feeling in a single glance. Later on, conversations with the person established that my instant insight had been 100% accurate.

I have had some extraordinary experiences and dozens of anecdotes in this area that made me realize that I possess this gift. It helps me immensely in business and negotiations.

It is invaluable in marketing as I am able to look into the customers’ minds and understand what they feel and think.

I am also able to discern flaws and other risky traits in individuals that would lead them to fail majorly in the future. Helping such people is difficult, but I give it my best shot. I am glad I can help my clients with this gift.

Technology & Web Applications

I discovered my ability to conceive entire portals & web applications in my mind. I can look at a business, study it and quickly come up with a way to partially or entirely automate it using technology.

I design wireframes and communicate with programmers, enabling them to code the concept into reality just as I envisioned it. 

I discovered this ability when I was asked by a friend to help him build a portal for hiring senior executives, above the level of VP. The only thing he added was that it should ensure confidentiality as they would be dealing with senior level C-suite people.

I went back home and thought about it. Within two days I had ideated and come up with the design for the entire portal along with new features that I had never seen anywhere else before. One of them was a video CV. The site was It was way ahead of any existing portal of its calibre.

A year later many others came up with that idea. Unfortunately, this person was unable to take it forward as he ran out of funds.

Similarly, I was approached by a previous client whom I had advised regarding the home cleaning business. He had a new project in mind & wanted to build a portal that would have similar elements to Amway, JustDial and BNI.

I thought about it for a few days, ideated & created, a portal for customer acquisition using referrals.​ It took over a year for the site to be coded & launched. Unfortunately, COVID struck. Again, the man ran out of funds and the portal did not take off.

After that, I have ideated various private projects, conceived & prepared wireframes of web applications. For instance, one such concept can completely revamp governance structures and elections in India. All that remains is to code them and launch the final product.

Which, of course, is quite the Herculean task!

Digital Marketing

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