The Magic of Deep Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Deep Marketing Automation While the bulk of digital marketing service providers focus on the usual social media posts, organic and on-page, and off-page debates, a small section has moved forward to create and provide cutting-edge services to their clients. What is this cutting-edge service? Imagine, being able to provide every visitor to your site a […]

Against What Odds?


This may be the one major flaw in the way companies hire senior talent. But behind the flaw lies a deeper malady; it is the way we think, our values, and our core ethics. In this article, I’m deliberately bold, perhaps brash, provocative – but possibly right. The measure of a man’s success is not […]

India’s Newest Unicorn is a Grey-haired Maverick!

Unicorn startup

March 2024, Pune, India. It sounds like a fable yet fascinatingly true. A 55 yr old man is now set to be the latest entrant to the unicorn club. In a sea of young men and women from reputed institutions, the success of this maverick sticks out like a sore thumb! When you come to […]

Finding a True Leader


It’s a crazy world out there! All kinds of people are occupying leadership positions around the world, in governments and in companies! Yes, you probably could think of a few yourself. Perhaps some of you instantly thought of Trump, or Kim Jong, or even, Modi! Yes, I know that’s a touchy topic but there are […]

StartUp Hiccups and other challenges


I have advised a few startups and been acquainted with the journey and travails of several others, as an Advisor, Mentor and Growth Hacker. Interestingly, most of them face similar challenges and hiccups, that stunt or kill their growth. Number One: Immediate First Step Not Clear Almost everybody with an idea can see very clearly […]

Real Estate Marketing & Sales – Tips

What’s the standard method of real estate marketing? Hire an agency or two, to create classy, glossy, fancy images – Book ad space in ToI and bombard people with ads. Book billboards – splash the pics and some idiotic copy with the words ‘dream home’ or a derivative thereof – Hire sales staff based on how many […]

Smart Meters: Challenges & Opportunities

smart meters picture

What’s a ‘smart’ meter? Essentially, it is the extrovert version of the old meters that we have always known, which would measure and gauge output or usage but hardly let anyone know their conclusions; so it required a not-very smart-looking fellow to visit every once a while to read and interpret the expressions of this […]

Ageism, the latest HR plague

Last month, I had a very interesting conversation with a friend of mine who has now settled in Australia. He told me how he had a group of 8 friends in India who used to live in the same society as him, of which 7 were unemployed for the last 2 years or so, despite being extremely […]

Chasing the Wind

I travel, I observe, I ponder the travails of men. In this age of gender polarization, I must clarify that when I say men, I mean mankind, not merely the male gender.  Enduring long periods of isolation, experiencing the wonderful and inexplicable bitter-sweet truths of solitude, has helped me to develop a capacity to be […]

Street Smarts vs. Ivy League

There is a craze for graduates of ivy league institutions all over the world. In India, IIM grads are offered fantastic salaries even as they launch their careers. An onlooker may wonder, are they really worth the money they get paid? What real experience do they have? Admitted, they have a more hands on, practical […]

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