Marketing Automation

The Magic of Deep Marketing Automation

Deep Marketing Automation

While the bulk of digital marketing service providers focus on the usual social media posts, organic and on-page, off-page debates, a small section has moved forward to create and provide cutting edge services to their clients.

What is this cutting edge service?

Imagine, being able to provide every visitor to your site a custom-made, personalized journey that culminates in a sale in the most natural and unobtrusive way possible; imagine having only one website yet having the power to display different ones to each visitor according to their own needs and situations!

Yes, this is being called by the term Deep Marketing Automation.

How does a usual customer journey begin?

He or she looks up Google for a service or product. She then clicks on one of the top results that are shown that seems to meet what she has in her mind. She then sees the same website that anyone else would see.

Even though that company may actually be the best one to provide her with the service that she needs, she may actually miss it and move on to search for more information elsewhere! How many businesses are losing customers because their website remains static and the same for every visitor?

Some may be put off just by the colour, or the layout, or some particular text or image. But you cannot help that, can you? I mean, your website cannot change for every visitor can it?

Yes, it can!

Now suppose you have had your website armed by the advanced weapons of Deep marketing Automation. The visitor, upon hitting the website, will be welcomed with a land page that will ask her what she is looking for – and give her a range of options that covers all the services that your company offers.

She clicks on the one that she is interested in. It then takes her on a journey that drills down to her exact requirements as to price, time frame, other parameters and gives her the option to choose to speak with the concerned person immediately or to set up a visit or a meeting (either virtual or physical)!

It has already captured her contact details so there is no chance of losing her entirely. 

It has filtered her requirement in detail thus giving you, the business owner, the fullest understanding of her needs and therefore the fullest ability to delight her with your service.

It has done away with the temperamental volatility of having a human respond. It has done away with lunch breaks, time-outs, etc. Now the client can come to your site at any time of the day or night and still get the same quality of service but in a personalized manner!

The customer is left impressed with your professionalism and tech-savvy business; which has given her confidence in your ability to fulfil her requirements and also pre-disposed her favourably to pay a premium for your services.

You have saved on the costs of at least two employees if not three!

You have won yourself the privilege of premium pricing.

You have an almost converted customer on your hands without having done anything.

Oh, sorry, you DID do something!

You chose to invest in Deep Marketing Automation!

You chose to win and mark yourself as a rare businessman who has the foresight and the wisdom to spend on things that will give you an edge in the race without getting petrified by so-called costs!

Let the rest of the crowd remain penny wise and pound foolish.

You stood apart. That’s what makes you outstanding.

The businesses that will win will be the ones who are willing to do what others have not done before.

Today’s customers have no patience. They live in an instant world, where if a page doesn’t load in a second or two, the finger flashes across the touchscreen and off goes the customer to another world!

Instant response, instant gratification, instant fulfilment. That’s the name of the game.

Does your website reflect that?

Does your website do that?


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